Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Baby's first PR

What's pink and soft in the morning? This awesome profile of my spawn in the New York Observer's "Born Yesterday" column.

Note: Yeah, I'm not a copy editor, but who cares? Look at the baaaaaby! Baby baby baby!

UPDATE: Thanks to writer/editor/hot chick RKB for the linkage.

ALSO: Private to all those people who, after reading the Observer, are currently finding this site by googling "Susie Felber Weehawken." Thanks for your interest! But if you are a Weehawkenite, introduce yourselves, yo? Seriously. Especially if you're a mom. I needs me some mom friends, as just about all of mine were smart enough to leave the NY-area.*

*Smart enough = decided not to raise the baby in a closet cared for by an illegal nanny who costs more than that closet's monthly rent.