Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Pick a Peck of Six Pack Picks!

Joe, a real live AOL employee, gave me a great excuse to do some blog hawking with his "Six Pack Picks." Don't know what that is? Check out Joe's post here. I'm going to keep adding to this, so check back for more six packs.

The theme to my first Six Pack is "Individuals with awesome blogs that if you don't know, well then I pity you."

1. Victor Varnado and his bestalbino.com
The blog is on the front page. As you can see Victor is camera phone ka-razy. But it's infectiously joyous. Or maybe it's just infectious. In any case, Victor has lots of online original shorts to check out and he's usually directing a big movie, acting in a big movie or writing a big movie. At the moment, he might be doing all three. Check out his site for the brag bits he throws down. Victor is also my friend. Someday, I hope to be featured in one of his camera phone pictures that makes everyone he knows look greasy and green.

2. Robyn and The Girl Who Ate Everything
This has long been my fave food blog, and it's based in NYC. Now, having reached the ripe old age of 20, Robyn has stepped up her entries to include MORE photos of MORE food and MORE good stuff like her Poofy "Gimmie Pancakes" shirts for sale and sharing things like her "Asian" questionaire. But mainly, she's my favorite food writer. She's funny, genuine and passionate. She is simply the best food blogger PERIOD.

OK, I am way too busy today. So just like a juicy episode of The Facts of Life, this post is:

To be continued...

OK, I'm back! #3, drum roll please...

3. Bob and his Campzine
Bob doesn't update his blog thing very often, and I'm not sure he expects anyone to find it, but it's funnnnnnnnny. Bob, incidentally has a kids book out soon from a real publisher that he designed and wrote. He is also the one who made those two groovy puppet movies my man the journalist did the V/O for you can watch right here. Rumor has it anothereven more fabulous puppet movie has been voiced and Bob is currently being animated for entry into a festival. Oh and Bob and his Colleen are the ones who designed my mom's new logo and website. Now you know a lot about Bob. Lucky you!

4. Laurie and her recently updated kilmartin.com
Actually, instead of trying to describe it, here's something I wrote to another site recently regarding my favorite comedian blog.

"She's been at it since 1996 long before you or I blogged. She calls them "hoaxes", and they are awesome. Her recent blogging about being pregnant and trying to get ready for Montreal are awesome.

And she recently added a lot of video to her site, including Tough Crowd, Shorties Watching Shorties, and even an amazing documentary film made about her life as a comic in the 80's. It's a don't miss.

And her "Comedy Yearbook" -- headshots and captions throughout the ages, is priceless.

See, I know Laurie, and she knows me, but we are not close friends by any stretch. But I admire her heaps, as she is so f'ing funny, sage about comedy, and one of the few women who has been a working comedy writer, on both network and cable TV.

Anywho, hope the tip is interesting, and if you've featured this before, ignore me!"

4. Michelle and her not making it up
Always fresh, funny, photo heavy and very childish. I like it. You will too.

5. Hugh and his Gaping Void
Consistant, passionate, original cartoons and commentary. More focused on marketing theory these days, but I'm into it plus he's stepped up the cartoons to compensate. He's from the UK but lived in NYC long enought that he's got bi-pondal bite. Bipondal. I just made that up. I'm a bloody teriffic genius, I am.

6. Chris and his Mythstory
How often do you get a multiple Emmy Award-winning comedy writer doing a freebie turn just for you Internerds? It's shiny and new and he's updating daily. Go lest he gets the crazy idea to go back to writing for fame and fortune.

And that's my Six Pack Picks for now!