Monday, November 10, 2003

Win 50 Pounds of Lobster!

I'm looking to pitch to mags I'm not familiar with. Like Redbook magazine, for example. So far Redbook seems like Cosmo for housewives. Angelina Jolie is on this month's cover, but dressed in jeans and not pouting. Think Lara Croft goes to the PTA meeting. It boils down to less sex, less slinky dresses, more recipes and room makeovers.

Anywho, while checking out Redbook magazine's website, I saw an animated banner ad that said, "Put the lobster in the pot, and you could win 50 pounds of lobster!"

Of course I knew you didn't have to click and drag the lobsters, because I am a saavy and intelligent web surfer. But who was promising to give away 50 pounds of lobster? Why would anyone want 50 pounds of lobster? Storing 50 pounds of lobster would be very difficult. What kind of schmendrake would actually click on a banner ad for 50 pounds of lobster?

So I clicked.

It's not a company sponsored contest. Not that I can see. It's a whole site dedicated to giving away obscene amounts of lobster. Is it an advertising scheme? To what ends? The only clue on the site is that it looks like hot chicks like to have and win 40-50 pounds of lobster... go to the site, you'll see.

Lobstersweeps? Is it a joke? No, but how can it not be a joke?

Who? What? Why? How? I...

I feel woozy.