Thursday, October 23, 2003


I'm going out of town and I'm going to miss the Colossal Colon Tour!

From the site in case the link goes bye bye:

What is the Colossal Colon?

The Colossal Colon is a 40-foot long, 4-foot high replica of a human colon. Visitors who crawl through the colon, or look through the viewing windows, will see healthy colon tissue, colon disease, polyps and various stages of colon cancer. The Colon was modeled after a real colon taken from colonoscopy film footage and is extremely lifelike.


Or rather, what crap travels in.

Ah well, I would hate to brave the lines and possibly deprive some kid of the once in a lifetime chance to crawl around inside a giant colon.

Also I bet they'll be a lot of poseurs there. You know, those people who go to giant anatomy walk throughs? They think they're so cool. Sorry but just because I haven't sipped cocktails from the Super Size Spleen or partied at Lymphatic-a-Palooza, doesn't mean I'm not cool.

Lots of other things make me uncool, thanks very much.

***Update: 5 minutes after posting this my friend who is a producer on Jimmy Kimmel Live told me they already had the colon on their show, and had guests like Gary Busey and Adam Pena enter through it. It's humbling to learn the colon is totally doing better than me careerwise. Still what a hook! There are tons of assholes in showbiz but very few colons.