Wednesday, September 03, 2003

Summer Lovin'

Here's to an emerging tradition: The post Labor day break up blog.

Then again, if you like foreshadowing, you can still can find many good summer love logs. Actually I admit I want to adopt the kid whose blog that is.

I myself am fascinated by the blogs of teens who've been recently programmed at a church camp. Because church camp rocks. Especially when you're a guy getting lots of attention from teenage girls in search of HIM. Nah, I like all religious blogs. Especially this woman who realized she was a sinner when she was 8 years old.

The church camp down the road from our Catskill digs just ended. This is good because when not in worship some people from there (counselors probably) tossed their beers on the road, were loudly drunk on our road and finally they threw eggs at cars parked on our road. Point is, they should've invited us along.