Thursday, July 31, 2003

As I mentioned, I got a small part in a real live indie feature. I just got back from Melbourne. No, the one in Florida, baby. It was a total blast. I have great faith in everyone associated with this film. The strong script, ace directing and blend of up and coming comedians with established comedy actors will make this film. The crew was great and though I was only there for a week the actors (save me) were great. My acting goal is and always is, "to not suck." Beyond that I can't judge myself.

Now I almost understand why actors do those Thor-awful TV interviews that begin and end with; "It was wonderful. He was wonderful. Oh yeah, so-and-so is really brilliant. It was so great working with X."

See now I know what they're editing out: The 4 AM group swimming, the music and the singing, the fabulous meals, the crew member who gets drunk and tells everyone a sexual tidbit that makes one wonder if it's more disturbing that we all know they did it or that not one other person had ever even thought about doing it.

Or maybe that was just our set.

Read more about the fun, talented bunch in another article about the movie that came out on Sunday.

Sadly the pictures didn't make it to the web, but whateve.