Sunday, January 19, 2003

Where Are You Now?
Google for Good, not Evil

Scientists spend oodles of money broadcasting radio waves into space, hoping another planet says "Yo!" back. This is a much more effective and likely way to find signs of intelligent life. Here I list people who knew as a nerdy lass and liked. People who now and again float across my consciousness and am still curious about. Hopefully they, or someone they know, will be bored at work one day and find their most honorable mentions here and I will find out where in heck and what in heck they are now.

Important caveat: the people I list here are not "old flames" by any means, nor are the recollections particularly interesting. It's an experiment. As such it is probably of no interest to you, casual anonymous blog reader, who only came here searching for some quality goat porn.

Glen Shor
Valedictorian of our high school class. Serious, smart but always ready for a laugh. Making Glen laugh was one of the most satisfying feelings. I did a report on Ralph Nader for AP something or other - government? I don't remember. But I do remember bringing in a boom box and after the wind up, hitting play and praising Ralph Nader to the Hallelujah chorus.

Now hang on a pot pickin' second, I need you to know that this was long before Ralph ran for president with the Green Party. Not that I still don't admire Ralph Nader for his good works, but these days one is apt to imagine a woman praising Ralph while blogging in her hemp underoos as she dries her snow-covered Birk's by the fire. No sir. Je suis not one of those Ralph fans.

In any case, it made him laugh and that was always way more important to me than a grade. We were both voted Class Thespian. Though I acted in most every production, the honor was probably bestowed upon me because they thought I liked women. Glen Shor , where are you now?

Howard Delman, Howie Delman
I seem to remember we had very little interaction in high school. How it came to be that one summer we were pen pals, I have no clue. That summer he wrote lengthy letters to me about nothing in particular and I ate them up like catfish. I would say that he was not on my radar as someone who was particularly clever and I mean no offense by that. In person he seemed shy and spoke slowly in a very deep but low voice. Howie's letters revealed brilliant humor, energy and maturity I had not imagined. Being friends so quickly and closely may have scared me? I'm not sure. In any case, our friendship fizzled once the summer ended. The connection was lost in person and amidst the horror that Jericho High School was to me. Most of my close friends lived in other towns and I spent most of my energies getting myself over the wall. So Howie Delman , where are you now?

Well, laundry waits for no woman. Or it does, but neighbor's don't wait to pounce on it and fling it about. And so I must away.