Sunday, January 19, 2003

What a Big Famous Comedian Does on a Sunday.

A rare glimpse into the glamour stuffed world of Susie.

1. Consider shower. Dog needing walk asap in freezing temps, makes me forgo shower as I am putting myself at risk for developing hairsicicles.

2. Walk dog. It's so cold I contract gonorrhea just for the burning sensation.* Decide to hoof it over to McNulty's coffee emporium, so as to cleverly save money and bask at how clever I am by making my own latte. Learn McNulty's is closed until 1PM on Sunday.

3. Stroll over to Original Espresso Bar and plunk down 4 bucks for a latte. My mutt gives me the hairy eyeball as I do.

4. Come home, decide shower must wait until after laundry. Previous night's 2 comedy shows plus extra curricular festivities are coming home to roost. Must find out who filled my head with marshmallow fluff. That's not nice. Still, proud I didn't go in for the comedians 4-7:30AM karaoke and diner shift. Clever girl.

5. Defrost freezer! A good idea, but an even better way to avoid working on new script.

6. Laundry has been in dryer for past 3 hours and is probably done. I can hear all my whimsical socks calling my name.

7. It's only 3PM and I eagerly await the bold challenges and adventures that are sure to ensnare me!

Tune in next time to Susie's Sunday... the day when anything can happen, but usually doesn't.

*I know, this is one of the oldest jokes on the planet. In fact, it was first told way back when the earth was still cooling and dinosaurs ruled the earth. What cracked them up in the caves, still gets me.**

**Yeah, I KNOW dinos and man didn't live at the same time, but cut me a little slack, OK? I don't come to your blog and knock the dick out of your hand.***

***Sorry, that was uncalled for. You know I love you, baby. Who's the cutest blog reader? YOU ARE! Yes. you. are.