Wednesday, February 11, 2009

My day job blog is a finalist in the SXSW Web Awards.

You can find out all about it in this post I wrote right here on the aforementioned day job blog.

I am writing my acceptance speech already.

Of course, I've written and rewritten my Academy Awards acceptance speech in my head many many times. Hasn't everyone?

I always wonder if I'd have the guts to open by staring at the Oscar in wonder, stroking it and saying, "Wow. I've always wanted one of these. I... I can't believe I was always too embarrassed to just go and buy one for myself!"

And then when the audience slowly began to collapse in uproarious laughter, I'd open my eyes wide, do a double or triple take, and pretend to look horrified like I just realized that the statuette I had just won was in not, in fact, a sex toy.

Then I'd give a sly smile and say "thank you" and leave. Or then I'd go into thanking my agents, actors and loved ones in a sincere but not annoyingly lengthy way. Haven't decided that part yet. Luckily, I wasn't nominated this year, so I still have time to plan.