Thursday, January 15, 2009

I was working the day job when an email came from a friend that a plane had gone down in the Hudson. Called my husband who said he could see it from where he was in the car. Grabbed the camera. Walked one block and got some interesting shots. For all who think living in NJ means being in a far off mysterious land, check out these photos and views.

See my photos here on the dumb blog.

Quite a few other blog and news sites found my photos from Flickr soon after posting. All wrote to me and asked for permission except Gawker. Gothamist was classy: They asked for permission and gave me a credit and a link back to my job. Gawker did not ask for permission and also attributed one or two photos which were not mine, to me. Sloppy and not cool, right? And legal? You tell me.

I'm tired. I only just updated the homepage for the day job, and it's night.

Nighty night.