Thursday, March 13, 2008

Here I Am!
Shall I rock you like a hurricane?

I needed to take a pic of myself for work, and as I work from home, and the dog can't work the camera, hello bathroom mirror. The silent scream motif? More apropos than y'all know.

Please go now and visit me at my awesome blog/vlog on called TODDLER TUBE, then download or subscribe in iTunes to LIAR NEWS at to hear ME doing many different characters in this brand new funny funny Brit podcast by talented scamp Richard Cray and Brian Luff. And then remember that most every waking hour of the day I am doing massive amounts of writing and such for Stay tuned for new blog there too.

I would tell you more, but frankly, I've no time. Big kisses and not only am I not dead, I am feeling hopeful that I may get to leave the house someday.