Wednesday, January 30, 2008


On Scrabble's offical website, there is an image that perplexes me:

I would think babies and Scrabble don't mix.


...can't spell.

...prone to choking on/flinging letters.

...don't appreciate you concentrating on anything but them.

It says TIPS, but sadly, there are no tips on how to get your baby to enjoy Scrabble!

But the baby is slightly see-through, so perhaps it is a ghost baby. A ghost baby from another dimension. A ghost baby from another dimension who simply docks its knowledge portal to your forehead, wet-wiring the Scrabble dictionary to your cerebellum as seen here:

Data transfer in progress.

Then, the ghost baby smiles and claps its hands as you slay your opponents with words like KA, ES and XU.

OK, that makes sense.


1..31.08 UPDATE: I think I've found the babies & Scrabble connection. It's like the Rainbow Connection, but sexier. It's writer/Comedian Jen Dzuria looking Scrabblicious in these stunning photos by Bill Waldman.

I think it's pretty clear, playing Scrabble in this manner, would make Scrabble babies.

Yer welcome.