Thursday, December 13, 2007

Kinda Really Cool

We often give our friends Angie and Steve our wee cabin upstate for the weekend.

The best thing about this is someone else can enjoy it when we can not.

The second best thing is that they always leave it tidier than when they arrived. I call it a "reverse break in." We go around the house shocked as we uncover things like a bottle of wine they've left for us and even better, the opposite of damage to our house, e.g. "Oh my gawd... Ed, come quick...someone has...completely organized the kitchen cabinets!"

The third best thing was a surprise we got this week. Apparently one weekend Steve had a book cover due and he incorporated a ton of our precious items (read: junk) into the painting. Check it out:
organise your corpses
Organize Your Corpses by Mary Jane Maffini

Above you see a few of our lamps, a decanter, a clock, our rug from Anthropologie and even an antique croquet set my mother got us. The dog seems to be patterned on our Stan mutt, but maybe that's just wishful thinking. I am ordering and can't wait to read the book. What a wild way to find a new author!

Oh and the dead body was Angie modelling, so they say. But you know, they do clean the place before they go, so I have always wondered what they're trying to hide.

Anyway, until the authorities figure out that their nice artist personas are just a big sham, check out Steve's porfolio Website and Steve's sketching blog, which also features the occasional pic by Angie and lots of naked people.