Monday, June 13, 2005

My Secret Double Life -- revealed!


Hamptons Schmamtons!

So, on Wednesday night I'm hosting a fabulous indie rock competition. Scroll down for details.

But when not living my supah sexy Manhattan life, what am I doing?

For the past two and a half years, I've been sneaking off to my 2 bedroom villa in the Catskills every chance I get.

Here's a sneak peek from this past weekend.

Luna in hand
My groundskeeper shows off the Luna moth I found. I watched it do a death mambo. Then, I came back an hour later and it was dead. Don't even try to pin this one on me, bucko!

Muchos Grassyass!

stan of action
Stan of Action

I had to dig, amend and create this Flintstonesesque medieval herb garden. It took far too long.

My 2nd year of patented Felber plants-in-a-can technology.

Yes, I will keep posting adorable dog pics until you beg for mercy.

Last fall, I planted a copy of "Better Homes and Brunches" and this sprouted up.

"Come in! Let me bore you about how long it took to find, prime, paint and install this $20 screendoor!"

Deluxe custom homemade compost containment system with hand-painted trellis and currently pretty pathetic honeysuckle vine. But not Japanese honeysuckle. Because that plant is whack, y'all! It's all like, "I'm going to go crazy and F up your native plants!"

That's it for now. You'll hafta wait for the awesome wygelia photo.

Now, here's the 411 on coming to see me as the indoor urban night crawler you know and love...

WEDNESDAY, June 15th
Girls vs. Boys: Battle of the Indie Pop Bands
8pm - midnight @ Sin-e
150 Attorney Street @ Stanton
I'm hosting. Think Ryan Seacrest with boobs.
Here's the link that also plays fab music: