Friday, January 21, 2005

Star Mangled Banner

So while watching the National Prayer service live just now, there was a tad of excitement, at least for me.

Everyone was singing the Star Spangled Banner, and it was sounding
grand and inspiring, what with their back up chorus of eunuchs or whatever. The focus was on the President and Vice, of course, and sure it was a bit distracting that Cheney's wife looks exactly like Barbara Walters (if Barbara had just risen from the crypt), but ya know, the 2nd lady looks pretty good for the undead...

Anyway they got to the rousing, "and the home of the Brave!" and then Bush, his peeps and the entire cathedral relaxed, got ready to say "Play ball", pack
it in and all that.

When suddenly, the 2nd verse started rolling over them like a great wave. The collective look of "FUCK" darted around the cathedral faster than Ricochet Rabbit when they realized they were not done. And to add insult to ignorance, no one other than the off-camera eunuchs, had any idea what the next verse was.

The next few seconds CNN panned around as people scrambled for their lyrics sheets and mumbled like guilty children who hadn't done their homework, "On the shore dimly seen?, thro' the mists of the deep?, Where the foe's hau-ghty??? host in dread? sil-ence reposes..."

CNN kept this up for only a few more seconds and then cut away because it was so dismal sounding, looking and anti-climatic.

Plus the people in the control room probably feared Cheney was going to declare war when they got to the 4th verse.

F. Scott Key indeed.*

*This post was originally an honest email to some friends... oh round about five minutes ago. I did not intend to post this here. I don't write emails and then turn them into blog posts. But now, I do. Or I did, just now. But I won't, after this. Anywho, if any of them see this I could, nay I will, be made fun of. Ye Haw!