Monday, November 29, 2004


I saw that someone came to my site searching for Susan Felber. This surprised me. Oh sure, people often come to my site looking for lusty hot & shaved take-out containers and pictures of box turtles in vintage panties doing the nasty with gummy bears. That kind of same old, same old stuff doesn't phase me.

But "Susan Felber" -- now that shocks me.

Although it is my real name, printed plainly on my birth certificate (You'll hafta take my word for it because I haven't seen the birth cert thingy in over a decade...)it was only lightly used when I wanted to be taken seriously as an intellectual (ages 7-10). For "Susan" is a very serious name, capable of very serious stuff.

"Susan" is someone who would do your taxes, singlehandedly plan a successful bake sale aiding legless Landseer's or drown your extra children in a lake.

In fact, if you Google "Susan Felber" right now, the first thing that comes up is a Dr. Susan Felber. This completely confirms my suspicions and fans my guilt: there is no doubt in my mind that if I hadn't turned to "Susie" I would now be an M.D.

Then again, the upside is that you don't need insurance to see me.

So without further a-dew...

Tomorrow night I'm doing my 2nd appearance at a little show in a cool lounge.

Tomorrow, Tuesday Nov. 30th
Jab @ Punch Lounge
913 Broadway btwn 20th and 21st, above Punch Restaurant.
Doors Open at 6.
No Cover
Comedy at 7:30.
This week's lineup: Mark Sam Rosenthal, Susie Felber, Sherry Davey, Kelli Dunham, and Rachel Feinstein. Hosted by Katie McCabe At 9, DJ David Handsome spins New Wave/Eclectic Pop/Electro Drink and Appetizer specials run all night. Includes $5 Apple Martinis and $7 Sesame Fried Calimari

This joint features buttery lighting, decor like 2001: A Space Odyssey's rumpus room and tempura stringbeans with garlicky dipping stuff that will make your nipples explode with delight.