Wednesday, May 07, 2003

Ode to Oyako Don
Japanese Lunch (not so) Special
by Susie

To myself, I says,
"Try something new!"

"Loo ah ee icture," the harried waiter begs,
hoping to narrow choices a few...

"Oooh yes," thinks I, "how nice!"
I happily point to the neatly sliced,
white meat with veg
over rice!

I whisk back to the office on my little legs,
Only to find dark chicken meat
with plenty organs,
atop scrambled eggs!

And even including fairy tale lore,
not one vegetable is one
I have ever seen before.

Am I unworldly or just plain dense?
Or is detection impossible,
when vitamins are food-colored
into florescence?

OK fine, thinks I,
not wanting to seem effete...
But there's no sauce so why
is it all terribly sticky and SWEET!

So, fair reader,
I did not tuck.
For I could not down,
my Egg Foo Yuck.