Monday, April 03, 2006

Live blogging C-SPAN

After taking in "Ellen" from Orlando, I decided to turn up the fun by tuning into C-SPAN

Immigration Cases in Federal Court
Senate Judiciary Committee


Jonathan Cohn
Deputy Assistant Attorney

Senator Arlen Specter

Senator Jeff Sessions
R- Somewhere in the South

A Professor wearing glasses

I can't concentrate on "title 7-B" and "AWO's" because the cameraman behind Jonathan is wearing a blue golf shirt, chatting into his headset and swinging/pacing from side to side.

I can't grasp what they are talking about because I have zero knowledge of this stuff, so I listen without understanding, and can only entertain myself by comparing the men's eyebrows and ties. It's soothing, a bit like watching Korean soap operas.

Watching this debate makes me long for political blogs, where you know how people feel before you get there, so you can come in smug and knowing, without actually knowing anything.

Arlen looks awesome. Has he had work done?

No women here. I wonder what would happen if we gave them the right to vote?

The blue shirted cameraman is chewing gum.


Milling around and coughing take centerstage!

Fat blonde in need of a bra has no one to chat with.

Bald creepy man comes to talk with fat blonde. Score!

Wait, they just said that the Capitol has been evacuated because of power outages. They seem very calm about this. Is this common? Is this a C-SPAN sweeps week stunt?

I scooped CNN on the Capitol story by about 5 minutes. I can die happy.