Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Felber's 2nd Annual Extreme Makeover Dog Edition!

Just like Extreme Dog Makeover '05, EMDE 2006 does not disappoint.

Here is my Stan before...

stan old man couch
Lookin' homeless and hideous in the Hawk!

And here is my Stan after (his yearly visit to Groomingdale's in Port Jervis, NY)...

Stan makeover big
Who is that sexy dog?

stan 4.8.06
Stan, looking like an extra from Brokeback Maltese

Note: Groomingdale's gave him the bandanna and feather 'n rhinestone hair doohickey. While I wouldn't choose this for him, I must say that now I would pay double to enjoy the surprise and the laughs at his expense. Oh, and he smelled like a Moldavian whore to boot. Good times.