Monday, April 24, 2006


1. My Stan made it onto Modern Pooch. For those of you that don't know, this is the dog equivalent of getting into Harvard. And it means your dog is a loser. *

2. My friend Chris Regan started a funny blog. You should click 'n see.

3. My mom got a great new review in PW and blogged about it here. I bet my mom can blog up your mom.

4. Speaking of mom, once again, without consulting her, I entered her in Regis and Kelly's "Mom's Dream Come True Contest." RKB (a brilliant woman who enters contests) would understand. I wrote about entering it last year, right here. In short: the dream was to have one of mom's books featured and selected by Kelly as a beach read. As mom's new well-reviewed book is coming out in June, how perfect would that be? So perfect.

Sure last year I heard nothing but nothing from Regis and Kelly, and Mother's Day passed with her 'n her dog coming upstate to hang with me and w/o her dream coming true... so why subject myself to the silent Regis rejection yet again? Because this year I had a newer and cuter photo of us to send that was taken in February at a family friend's wedding:

me mom 2[1].26.06
Yes, to answer your question, we do get better looking with every year. It's a family curse. By the time I hit 65, I'll be so hot the sun will look chilly by comparison. (And yes, I realize mommy and me are patternaholics. It's a disease, people!)

5. Now, not to be a bummer but it's rare you read something more disturbing than a stomach-turning expose on Darfur... yet this article about Iran is the scariest thing I've read, maybe ever.

6. No, that's it, there is no #6.

*Of course your dog isn't a loser. That was a joke, dawgs. Look, to prove it, here's my co-worker Shannon's dog Dr. Z...

Dr. Z -- OMG so cute!