Thursday, April 13, 2006

FREE slogan for WKTU from Felber!

As I fell into a brisket coma last night (that even the fresh chrain fumes couldnt wake me from), this morning I had to drag my matzoh-filled ass from my mom's on Long Island to Manhattan via the Sueb (my sexy white ((if I bothered to wash it)) little Subaru wagon).

I put on the radio and scanned until 103.5 caught my ear. It was delightful. Zooming past the riot of forsythia on the Hell.I.E., I forgot my hatred of suburbia as I enjoyed song after song...

Vintage Madonna! She's learned her lesson well, she has a tale to teh-eh-ell!

"I'm every woman! It's all in meeeeeeeee!"

And loads mo' pumping disco complete with whistles so that when I saw the Manhattan skyline, framed at the top by a graffitti-covered BQE overpass, I was transported back to the 70's, when a gal like me could've joyfully, bralessly played a new bathhouse everynight.

Dream a little dream of me.

Amazingly, in this 9-10AM block there was no annoying DJ, and no talking, save for when they hawked their contest -- to win super 'spensive designer shoes.

And so, I offer up my copywriting services (normally $500-800/hour, suckas) to my new fave radio station, WKTU.

The current slogan is WKTU: The Beat of New York

New, improved, FREE, Felber slogan is...

WKTU: A Gay Bar for Your Car!