Friday, December 30, 2005


My regular readers may have seen this snap when I posted it in November, but here it is, ever more appropriately, on the new Wonder Woman blog.

Does one need a Wonder Woman blog? The lovely and talented Jen Dzuira explains her desire to create this new blog right here. I am all for niche blogs, whether or not a new pair of undies inspired them. For example, many know I am a fan of (and sometime contributor to) the cupcake blog.

That is why, I have decided to start...


Click here to preview the awesomeness of what will be fodder for my first entry.

Yup, get ready, because when we launch in the New Year, the Wonder Woman Cupcake Blog will rock your body with daily entries that reveal the ever-changing, multi-faceted, dynamic world that is created when Wonder Woman and cupcakes intersect.

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UPDATE: People, please stop sending me pictures of Spiderman Cupcakes! I only accept things like Wonder Woman Cupcakes or pictures of people as Wonder Woman eating cupcakes or vintage Wonder Woman comics with a cupcake on top (lots of great ones of those, keep 'em coming!) or a tasteful headstone engraved with Wonder Woman's lasso of truth encircling a cupcake. You get the idea...

Sorry kid, go away, you bother me.

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