Thursday, December 15, 2005

Gone Skiing!

OK, not yet, but soon...
Susie Felber Ski age 10
Here I am in the 80's, honing my downhill skills in a grassy field behind a Massachusetts Holiday Inn. For reals.

I'm leaving soon enough though, for a freeze-yer-balls-off holiday at Tremblant with my man and our great friends Angie & Steve. So. Psyched. No time to brag about it now... and anyways, nobody is jealous of me going to Canada in December but me. Yes, I am jealous of myself.

Eat it, me!

But some news: In case I can't post while on the slopes, be on the lookout for an article about mommy and me in this Sunday's New York Daily News. The columnist appeared out of the blue Sunday night -- she found me. I swear I didn't pitch the story idea, even though getting this kind of publicity was my dream. Anywho, it should be coming out this weekend, and to me, this is even cooler than putting a glacier down your shorts. If you want to read it, the column should magically appear here, starting this Sunday. If it doesn't come out you'll all think I'm a liar. And I'll be skiing but surely I'll feel your harsh stares north of the border.

Now, I want to leave you with my sincerest holiday wishes...
My Wonderpooch Stan, 12/05. A "Stan" can be acquired here.

"May you have happiness, joy and the ability to resist the urge to dress up your dog in the New Year!"


UPDATE 12/17: We learned on Friday night Tremblant was going on a 24-hour strike, but only thanks to my man checking the website for snow conditions. Although they seemed to think it was no problem, we got nervous about this lasting longer than 24 hours and thankfully we got a refund before driving 10 hours and spending our hard-earned bucks. We arranged a totally different, and even cheaper holiday at Killington on the fly late on Friday night and we're leaving tomorrow -- Sunday. Now the news is that Tremblant is on an unlimited strike. The workers are taunting people who get on the gondola. Meaning if we had gone, our holiday would've been ruined... and I do not take well to taunting, especdially while wearing my lame-o ski gear. Apparently 1500 workers walked out, so everything from housekeeping to grooming to BARS (!) to snowplowing is compromised.