Thursday, December 29, 2005

Baby got back. Baby is back. Baby back ribs?*

I was on vacation. Here is a picture:

"You went skiing? How thrilling!"

Yes, t'was.
I managed to avoid the transit strike and the strike at Tremblant.
I love saying "t'was" as it makes me feel all classy and shit.
Writing "shit" is NOT classy. But I couldn't bring myself to write "sh*t" as that is pussy.
I'd rather be not classy than a total wussy. See? I couldn't write "pussy" twice, as I thought that was too vulgar for a classy dame like me. Also, I love the word "classy" because there's nothing classy about it and if call someone classy, it is a sure sign you aint.

Anywho, here's the latest Felber 411, I shan't deny ye any longer!

1. While I was away, an article came out about mommy and me by Dawn Eden. You can read it here. Dawn found me after I gots me some Gawker linkage of some sort. Although my goal was publicity such as this for me mum, I did not contact her. She's really nice and she did a great job. Some have pointed out to me that she's a bit right wing. Well G-d if he exists which I seriously doubt bless her. I mean that sincerely. Being right wing in NYC is about as easy as being a salmon who swims upstream to spawn while studying to be a stenographer. Hell, in my own family I'm considered a right wing nutter because I'm a liberal who gets hives hanging around most liberals and I don't find things like a photoshopped Bush holding a book upside down funny.

2. I was tagged for a book meme. I've never been tagged for a meme before. You never forget your first. But, I'm taking a rain check for I think it's far more important that my tens of tens of readers get to know the cool chick who tagged me. 'Cause you should. Go visit the blog of Margaret Evans Porter. She's an author of many books, she shares excellent photos from her lakeside base in New Hampshire and she's got bats in her belfry. Well, actually they're in her bathtub. Big brown fuzzy bats with fangs! It is bat-tastic. If you don't click here you are insane!

I first met MEP long ago when she had published her first book. I was struck by how young she was, how beautiful she was (like a heroine straight out of a Regency novel) and how such a true lady seemed to take a genuine shine to the whole scrappy Long Island Felber clan back when my bros and I were in the seriously awkward and most-likely annoying phase. In any case, visit and open your circle to include a kick-ass woman who can bust a bat rhyme and show you the miracle that is BONEHENGE! Nope, I'm not linking to her bonehenge post. It is a mysterious occult phenom in NH and, like true enlightenment, one must find it for one's self.

3. I've got to bolt to the dentist soon. My FSA runneth over. and if you don't know what an FSA is, I envy you.

*My blog post-titling brain is still on vacation.

PS I didn't say the picture was of me. But that really is how I dress on the ski slopes. I love the garish 80's ski wear and I rock it while all the cool kids wear their earthtones. Question: When there's an avalanche, Thor forbid, who's going to be found first? You in your "ice" colored Eddie Bauer jacket with subtle "moss" accents? Or me in my hot pink puffy jacket, floro tights and neon yellow headband? Take a wild guess buck-o!

NOTE: I have a screen comedy I would like to sell that was inspired by 80's ski gear and culture. Come on, wouldn't you like to see Rachel Dratch and Amy Poehler in a slapstick buddy flick with a Will Ferrel-wearing-80's-ski-gear cameo? Of course you would. High powered agent -- call me! All incredibly lucrative offers considered!

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