Thursday, December 08, 2005

How one woman, a camera phone and a cold night in Williamsburg made me fall in love with my own legs all over again...
"Susie wore these amazing legwarmers"

Photo and caption by comedian/model/writer/producer/blogger/entrepreneur Jennifer Dziuria of

Legwarmers by my friend and neighbor Isabelle who, before moving to Florida, gave me her entire stash of awesome never-worn 80's winter gear.

Note: If you can't tell, the warmers are being worn over faux pink snakeskin boots which are quite sexy and somewhat surprisingly, made by Aerosoles.

Note 2: Adding the word "faux" when describing any pink reptile is probably unnecessary, right?

Update: OK, I admit I only did this post in the first place because my legwarmers suffered an unprovoked attack last night when, upon returning from a hard day at work, my man made it very clear to me that he did not like my legwarmers one bit.

So today I sent him this post with the subject line, "Well someone likes my legwarmers."

OK, to be honest, Jen didn't say she liked my leg-cessories. She just called them "amazing." Perhaps she meant it in the way one would say, "Hitler killed an amazing number of Jews." Or "The legwarmers were just one amazing example of her crashingly bad taste."

In any case, he responded to my email about someone -- anyone -- liking my legwarmers with a link to this photo:

Photo credit: catalog

Mean! And how was he was able to find such a mean photo?

"I searched under "puttee". The British army used to wear them."

All I have to say is...
Good question, Mo.