Tuesday, June 13, 2006


I have left MySpace.

Meaning I cancelled my MySpace account.


Some of MyBeefs here.

And also?

Although they have millions of users,
and the service is free,
I started to feel I did not need them
as much as they needed me.


Feh. Just feh. That's what I say to MySpace.

And by leaving while I'm still in the desirable demo, I hope to stick it to the man. The man that is lording the huge #'s of MySpacers over advertisers and possible media partners. I am that fickle Internet audience you fear. But I'm not really fickle so much as not grooving to your horrible design, your garish ads and that moldy did-a-mouse-die-in-here smell I encountered everytime I checked in. In short, yes, I would say that MySpace sucks.