Monday, June 05, 2006

My bro in The New York Times!

Radio and Television
NPR's 'Wait, Wait ... Don't Tell Me!' You Can't Make This Stuff Up. Or Can You?
Published: June 4, 2006

My brother second from right in a rare photo… rare in that he’s not mugging for camera.
Photo by: William Zbaren for the New York Times

Read the article here!

Things to know:

Not mentioned in the article is that my brother will soon be writing for and performing on a FOX comedy show to air directly after Mad TV. Wow, right?!

Speaking of you can't make this stuff up, yes Virginia, there really is going to be a Felberpalooza.
No I'm not going.

You see, I've already had years of communing with kooky liberal NPR fans in the great outdoors. was called college.

But seriously folks, I bet it'll be a hoot and who wouldn't want to tell their grandkids they attended Felberpalooza?

Speaking of grandkids, I put in for some of those with the universe.

I'm pregnant.

(What?!?! A Felber is pregnant! Is it summer sweeps week?)

Well and truly.
Knocked up.
In the family way.

(You may have noticed the blind item on The Apiary? C'est moi!)

Launch scheduled for 10.31.06

(So if the kid is ugly, we can say it's a costume!)

Me and the husband -- known only as "my man" on this blog -- are very excited.

(You need not be excited, but if you are, that's nice.)

More on this as it develops...

(And it is developing... suddenly looks like I'm attempting to smuggle a keg.)