Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Word Wenches: Serving up saucy verbage since 2006!

Not content with producing one fabulous blog (where you really should go), my mother has recently teamed up with 6 other best-selling romance and historical author pals to produce the fabulousness that is wordwenches.com.

As mom describes it on her blog,

"We have seven authors blogging -- one for everyday of the week! And what a crew: Mary Jo Putney, Patricia Rice, Jo Beverley, Loretta Chase, Sarah Gabriel, Susan Holloway Scott, and me! Please do come visit us!"

I really enjoy Word Wenches because it mixes the personal (like how one author has been known to write her books in the car while her children are at ice hockey practice) with serious musings on the three R's: research, writing and romance. Oh and when these authors do trivial, it's so well-written and clever, there's nothing trivial about it.

So go on already! Visit the wenches here.

IMHO required reading of me mum on the Wenches includes: Her take on Bad Cover Art, and for purely egotistical reasons, her post about my delicate condition.