Tuesday, June 27, 2006

The New Republic's Redheaded Stepchild -- Yup, that's me!

UPDATE 6/28: I was wrong. SO WRONG. I was not being frozen out. The super sweet guy who edits and posts the posts was sick. GAWD I FEEL GUILTY! Still, read my totally absurd post below. It remains a wonderful fun source of pics of my dog in World Cup garb. Then visit The New Republic DOT COM for more hot soccer commentary. And yeah, I've got a new post up today.

After a glorious two whole posts on TNR's GOAL POST, am I being shunned? Or maybe benched is a better word? Seems my posts are being postponed, possibly indefinitely. But why?

Well my last submitted post did refer to Ecuador and Guinea Pigs. So I violated rule #1 on liberal blogs: Nothing indiginous people do is wrong/to be mocked. And sure, I did call TNR, "NPR for deaf people." But come on people, funny 'cause it's true! Oh and Gawker didn't link to Foer's house of World Cup fun after their initial shout out, so I guess my stock plummeted.

Yes, Stan my dog, you're right. I think I've been tabled!
Stan demonstrates the agony of being tabled.

But am I going to let this get me down?
6.25.06 Dog down on the pitch
Stan down on the pitch, demonstrating an injury.

No! No I tell you! I am going to train harder than ever
...to get myself unpaid work on wordy liberal blogs.
6.25.06 Stan's pre-game workout
That's Stan with a real 5 lb. weight, for real dawgs.

Sigh. Well, it was fun while it lasted.
6.25.06 Catskills Dog
You know Stan, it's more analogous to being on the outside looking in, but whatever.

Oh hey! Speaking of NPR, my NPR famous brother is busy working on a new Tee Vee show but just revamped his long-runing site and it now features Chris Regan, Mo Rocca and other possibly real contributors. Check it out! The all-new Fanatical Apathy is here.