Monday, June 12, 2006

Felber's Blind Items -- contest edition!

I'm meeting an old pal for lunch today. This person is not only supah cool, she is an editor at a magazine here in Manhattan.

Here is an image from the cover of this month's issue. Can you guess what magazine it is she works at?

guess the mag

First one to guess the magazine correctly wins!
Rules: Winner will receive an all-expense paid shout out and link of their choice right here on this blog entry. Contest not open to Felber's immediate family (not like they'd know, but whateve) and residents of Canada, anyone who has ever lived in Canada or anyone who has ever visited Canada.

Hint: Silly goose, The Atlantic is based out of D.C.!

Update: No one guessed correctly, hence no one wins. I'm ashamed of you people. Don't you read magazines with pictures of smoking dogs on the cover? Well, you should. Well here's the answer, but only because this nice chick requested it. It's Shock magazine! Their website here.