Saturday, July 02, 2005

Love, Rita

Below, the sweet comment Rita Rudner sent me through her publicist re: Ye Olde Tripple Inn closing.

"Ye Olde Tripple Inn was across the street from "Annie," which I was performing in when I decided to try stand up. It was dirty but convenient. I remember a dartboard, Christmas decorations in July and cowboy hats. It was the only place where people were friendly to me and I remember it with immense fondness. I'm sorry to hear it's closing. Throw a dart for me (not at me).

Love, Rita."

When read aloud at last Tuesday's show, it got a big and genuine "awwww" from the audience.

OK, all this Tripple talk feels like reruns, rehashing and reheating olde times.

Now I've got to get on with soaking up some sunlight.

I'm in the Catskills. Already today I've been to the dump, the liquor store and I've turned the compost pile. You haven't lived until you add 40 pounds of cow shit to your compost on a warm summer's day.

Now, there's a fly on my laptop screen. It landed here about a second after I typed the words "cow shit." I kid ye not.

It's still there. It's standing on the top of the blogger window. It's looking at what I'm typing.

And yeah, I'm a little insecure that this might be boring. It just flew away. Yes, this post was too dull for a fly.

FYI The wygelia bush you see at the top of this post is about three weeks old. It is no longer in bloom. It ended last week. I repeat, the wygelia is no longer in bloom. Yup, I needs me a digital camera.