Friday, July 15, 2005


On a tip from my pal Media Yenta comes this late-breaking television news:

In Development at GSN: GSN, the network for games, is developing seven series for a potential launch in 2006. In addition to a remake of I've Got a Secret, projects include Annie Duke Takes on the World (a hybrid poker series), Phil Hellmuth Poker (amateurs are taught the skills of poker), 24 Hours in Vegas (players work as a carvalet, bell hop or dancer to earn money to play casino games), Chokers (a documentary series), Your Worst Nightmare (three friends are put in a scary situation hoping to escape and win a prize), and Wet, where contestants battle other players and dolphins in the water.

Casino show, casino show, casino show, fighting in the water with dolphins, casino sh-

I'm gonna knock you out...

Battling in the water with dolphins?!

Mamma said

knock you out!

I think I need to sit down. They can't be serious. Or are they?

I'd like to think they have an evil marketing genius at the network who will win the award for Best and First Press Release Specifically Crafted to go Viral.

Scroll down 3 days for a few of my upcoming shows...or I'll sic the dolphin on ya.