Friday, September 02, 2005

Like Soccer? Or what the rest of the world calls Football?
Like a well-designed, well-written magazine with pictures of really hot men?

Then I humbly suggest you try this:
GreenPitch, the best little mag you never heard of.

A talented designer pal of mine named Christopher Cooper designs this entire mag in his spare time, else I probably never would've found it. It's beautiful, fascinating and yeah, I appreciate the pics of hot soccer-playing types.

The current issue's highlights include an interview (and hot pics) of Survivor, soccer player and do-gooder Ethan Zohn,* an introduction to the game of beach soccer (who knew?), a good roundup of movies with soccer in them, and a great article and pics on how crap the MetroStars are at building a following. As the MetroStars are a primary advertiser in this bold little mag, it's pretty brave.

From the magazine's website:

What Is GreenPitch Magazine?

GreenPitch is a bi-monthly soccer lifestyle magazine for amateur and professional soccer players, coaches and enthusiasts in the New York, New Jersey and Connecticut metropolitan areas. Published since mid-2003, GreenPitch aims to fill the gap in the great demand for soccer news and information focused, not on international soccer, but on the Metropolitan Soccer Scene.

Why ‘GreenPitch’?

In keeping with our unique editorial and commentary we created a name that highlights our mission. While the Pitch (common term for soccer field) is typically Green, the color is also synonymous with ‘freshness’, ‘youth’ and ‘optimism’. That is how we view our approach to soccer in the metropolitan area and in America.

Why Subscribe To GreenPitch?

GreenPitch Magazine offers content not found anywhere else. It’s your game and we write to improve it. We provide our readers with the latest training tips, coaching advice, travel guides, and a wide variety of articles and features to keep you entertained, informed and a step ahead of the competition.

Go ahead, subscribe to GreenPitch here.

I did.

*Ethan is an old friend of fabulous comedian and comedy writer Julius Sharpe.**

**Perhaps that's not very interesting to you, but Sharpe's site is worth checking out. His link has been hanging out in my sidebar for years and yet I've never pointed you people directly to it. My bad.