Thursday, September 22, 2005

When I saw myself in this photo, I suddenly understood why I had been asked to play a whore on Conan so many times...

Above, another promo photo for an upcoming show I'm in at Joe's Pub on October 5th called Nice Jewish Girls Gone Bad.

And before that, on October 3rd, I'm co-producing a show with Lianne Stokes called "The Big Sell" featuring professional comedians who work in or have worked in advertising. It's part of the New York City Underground Comedy Festival.

One nice bit of news: one fabulous comedian I know qualified for our show with her job at a company that sells ads on taxi cab tops. Sure it was a stretch, but she's funny and she wasn't happy with the job and longed for a real comedy writing job, or barring that, a swish advertising job -- anything that would make use of her talents.

Just this week she got a great job, writing for a show on Comedy Central. She quit the taxi top job with half a day's notice.

Now if that isn't the bee's knees, I don't know what is.

I'll link to her once I find out if it's no longer a super secret project.

Comedy gossip? Bee's knees? Who do I think I am, The Apiary?

UPDATE: Thanks to The Apiary, I see they outed my newly minted professional TV comedy writer friend. But I have a feeling my friend probably didn't mind being outed in the first place. I mean, this isn't like Kate Moss caught hoovering up cocaine, this is a chick getting a dream job.