Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Things that are sexy

1. I'm going to be featured in an upcoming issue of Penthouse*

2. Co-producing a hot show with Lianne that features pro comics who work in or have worked in advertising.

3. The show I just mentioned, and another one that I did a photo shoot for last night, will be part of the NYC Underground Comedy Festival.

4. Last night, having my makeup done expertly by a beautiful burlesque performer: Darlinda, Just Darlinda.

This is Darlinda, Just Darlinda

5. Gérard Depardieu

Ever since the gamma ray accident, this what Raphe Fiennes looks like when he gets angry

6. Being linked to, out of the blue, by the immensely talented Hugh. Beekeeping? Insightful commentary? Great Artoons? Check!

*No pictures. And not even with a real name. And nothing shocking, really, just chick talk for Rachel's column.
Mom, you can breathe now...**

**Actually, if my mom read this, she'd be more shocked by my Gérard-is-hot bombshell than the Penthouse comment.