Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Giant Squid Obscures Giant Scandal?

8-meter (25-foot) long Architeuthis a.k.a. fucking huge squid

"Wow, a giant squid photographed in the wild -- that's awesome!", say some.

But others say there's a mystery that's deeper and darker than a giant squid's linen closet.

For while Japanese scientists hooked the press with amazing tales of the red and purplish squid colors and tales of its handling of prey, astute media watchers could not help but notice one fact that seemed a bit fishy; namely why is this footage only now being made available to the world? Kyoichi Mori, a marine researcher, let this bit of information slip:

The camera was operated by remote control during research at the end of October 2004, Mori told The Associated Press on Wednesday.

This had led some to question Japan's motives and fear that the small island nation may have used this time to develop squid-like weaponry based on the animal's newly-discovered aggressive qualities.

Concerned Americans are calling for a full independent investigation. Said one, "Holding on to exclusive giant squid footage for a year? I'm sorry but this smells like week-old calamari to me." He then added, "What I'm saying is it stinks. Ya get it?"

We said, "Yeah, we get it."

My mom alerted me to the squid this morning, and then I helped her post her squideriffic musings to her blog this afternoon. Check it out here.