Tuesday, September 13, 2005


I donated to the Red Cross before 9/9, so my donation would be eligible for company matching (at the cable network I work at but never talk about for fear I'll be dooced). I donated through a link on Jack-FM because they had a contest that if you donated through a link on their page you were entered to win tix to see The Rolling Stones. I think the promotion was called: Give 'em Shelter. Yeah, now that I've googled it, it was called that: Jack FM (WCBS, 101.1) has announced a fundraising effort, "Give `Em Shelter!", which will help Katrina victims. Donating listeners will qualify to win a pair of tickets to the Rolling Stones show at Giant Stadium on September 15th.

And lookie what happened!

Rolling Stones Tickets
from: JACK-FM
to: me

I left you a phone message, but I wanted to let you know that because of your generous donation to the Red Cross, you have won a pair of tickets to see The Rolling Stones this Thursday, September 15th at Giants Stadium from JACK-FM!
You need to pick up your tickets here at JACK-FM.

[info redacted so you Internet rapscaillions won't pick them up]
Congratulations from 101.1 JACK-FM!

PS I haven't decided if I'm going to the concert, or giving the tix away, perhaps at NORTHERN HOSPITALITY, the hurricane benefit I'm performing in tomorrow night.
Come see me in this fabulous benefit tomorrow night.

Anywho, I heart winning contests, especially while doing good deeds.

Happy happy joy joy!