Sunday, August 14, 2005


Or, actually, after eight years she's got a brand new website design. My mom is a historical romance author who is currently under contract for her first "real" historical.*

Visit my mom's site now!

Here's my mom, reacting to something I said which was obviously hysterical...

Little known fact: the building you see behind mom, through the window, is Hilary Swank and Chad Lowe's building!**

My mom is hot sans surgery, make-up artist or anything other than her slightly pricey Estee Lauder cucumber-scented moisturizer with SPF 15.

Thanks to Lisa for the fab photos of mom, Bob for the stunning design and Kambri for mad web skillz. ***

PS I'm planning a book party for mom in October for the release of Gypsy Lover. She hasn't had a book party since her first novel was published in 1984, when she got published without an agent, and without any connections. Mom was plucked out of the slush pile by an assistant who is now a big time editor. This one and only book party was held in our suburban house on a verdent 1/4 acre on Long Island. My brother, my dad and I hung enormous homemade "GOTO 10"-type computer banners. Ya know, the kind with the little holes you had to rip off the side of the paper?

It's been more than 20 years. The lady deserves a party again, don't ya think?

I'm thinking wine, cheese and a fabulous venue to eat them in for friends, fans and family. (Enough wine to forget that pharma copywriters make a ton more money than prolific, award-winning authors.)

If you own or manage or know of a restaurant, gallery or something equally swish in Manhattan where we can throw my mom a killer book shindig, please contact me and let's talk. susie.felber{AT} gmail[dot]com

* "Real" historical basically means they amp up the history to 11 and slap a cover on it that won't scare away insecure men.

**All of the photos of mom you see here were taken in my one bedroom rental apartment in the West Village. Although it's called a one-bedroom, there is no door between the bedroom and the livingroom. Along with a working fireplace, my apartment features a semi-working stove from the 40's, peeling lead paint, and a ceiling that is falling down. Again. This article best explains why I have a two-time Oscar-winning nabe.

***Hire these people, they are awesome. Young, spunky, full of joie de vivre.
Full disclosure: they are also my friends. Bob and I met while working at Comedy Central when he was the senior designer in Off-Air Creative and I was the senior nobody in On-Air and Online. Lisa and I met through my pal Levin and Kambri and I met through Ye Old Tripple Inn and my friend Christian Finnegan.