Sunday, August 21, 2005


Was at the Bethel Fall Harvest Festival, and it aint even fall yet. Isn't that grand?

It's located on the site of the Woodstock festival.

I picked up cave-aged cheddar and Jean Louis* and

organic cranberry walnut crusty bread.

Granny Smith apples, eggplants, yukon gold potatoes,

These are my drugs of choice.

But I did pick up some herb there,

in the form of a jar of handmade garamasala,


My mom will be the guest author at the October 2nd harvest festival

for their "Sweet in the Catskills" event.

It should be crisp and sunny.

We'll be laughing and mainlining maple syrup.

You should come.

This post was brought to you by beautiful weather, the aforementioned cheese and a healthy glass of Austrailian white wine.

*Here, Jean Louis is a cheese, not a hot French guy and was made by these people.