Friday, August 12, 2005

Something happening here...what it is aint exactly clear.

My blog is suddenly and completely F'd up. It stopped archiving in May, the content (when viewed on a PC) has slipped to the bottom, and I'd fix it but my current template disappeared, replaced with a fresh new one. So in short: I gotta move or fix this blog before posting more.
I'm looking to hire a fabulous (and hopefully cheap) designer to launch me a new blog and website. If you are a web designer who has any time or interest, let me know. My super secret emial is: susie.felber[@] gmail {.} com
Thanks bunches,


Holy smokes. I fixed my blog. The archive was lost, but now is found, and I was amazed to find I had saved my old template as a word document -- was I drunk when I did this? It seems way too smart and responsible for me to have done straight. I also messed with a little html, and got my links in tip top shape.

BUT I am still putting out feelers for a real live web designer. If you are that person, please contactez moi.