Friday, May 27, 2005

Werewolf Blog Ends, Unmasks
& Makes Other Bloggers Jealous

And *I'm* still cater-waitering?

I originally posted the werewolf blog link in November '04.

Linked to it again when my spelling error was called out.

And always kept it on my sidebar.

Today the werewolf announces:

1. The blog is over

2. He is a writer, comedian and real-life Williamsburg video clerk

3. He got a chunk of change when the blog was optioned and...

Well, it's not for me to tell his story, especially when he does it much better.

Go here for the final chapter and link to his full explanation:

Way to go my wolfy friend.

Inside the Bloggers Studio: I met Mr. Werewolf years ago through my very good friend Eris Migliorini. She doesn't have a website. But here's a picture of her, acting n' shit.

Eris acting n' shit.

And here's a review of a short film I was in with Eris:

Boo Film Threat for getting my name wrong.

Susie Ferber? Heaven forefend!

PS Now, if I could only dump this hideous new "what can brown do for you" Victorian UPS blog template, life would be perfect.