Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Tobacco Industry Targets Women, Almost Offers Them Fondest Wish

Be the first on your block to wear this ironically!

Story from CNN:

Study: Cigarette makers targeted women

My, the word "targeted" seems so sinister!

Study: Internal documents reveal stuffed animal industry targets babies

Study: Leaked memo indicates icing industry aware of/targeting users who eat straight from the can

Study: Coffee shops nationwide target unemployed hipsters with laptops

But the CNN article contains one truly damning bit of information:

The firms also considered putting appetite suppressants into cigarettes so they could promote them as weight control products, they said.

Bad bad cigarette industry!

How could you come up with such a brilliant idea and not follow through on it?

I honestly don't know how you people sleep at night.

Photo cred: smokingsection.com