Tuesday, August 15, 2006

My Brother's Book Reviewed in the New York Times -- today!

For reals! Check it out!
Coming soon:

1. I will tell you about the Schrodinger's Ball cover change SCANDAL! (See Wal-Mart for old cover)

2. AND about how he and a talented funny woman I know both have funny, well-reviewed books out this month whose covers feature mysteriously similar red and black typeface over electric greenish yellow... AND about how they both secured quotes from those in The Daily Show cartel. AND furthermore, I will explore the truth re: are Daily Show veterans writing their own book cover quotes, or are they farming the work out to witty Thai children who are forced to churn out hundreds of amusing book quotes a day?

3. I will attempt to divulge whose hand that is in his author picture!

4. And I will spill ALL the beans about how Adam's life-long habit of dressing like a pirate almost ruined his marriage!*

But for now, go buy his book! Available today wherever fine books are sold! Like here!
schrodingers ball redone

*That last one was a lie. But an entertaining one, right?