Monday, August 21, 2006

At the Manhattan OB/GYN

Who: Me

Where: In the examining room

When: Today

Why: Routine check; waiting for the doc

What: On the wooden patient chair was a mag that was cover down. I flipped it over to remove it so I could sit, see the title and decide if I wanted to flip through it or delve back into finishing my brother's novel. Found it was an issue of Fit Pregnancy...with a pubic hair firmly stuck to the front. I mean, the hair was truly stuck as it had made the journey from being picked up and flipped, unscathed.
Artists rendering

What (cont'd): I was not bothered by the hair on the magazine. Not one bit. I know that most women would take this opportunity to rant about the shocking experience, and knew that the high maintenance, over-tan, pregnant at an advanced age (via lightening storm and 30K in mad money) crazy ladies who go to this practice would flip out especially hard and call the DOH, the police and post on Urban Baby if they saw this, but it didn't gross me out. To be honest it didn't even phase me. Is it because my father was a doctor and told me stories about being a Resident in the Bronx, at a hospital where, if you turned your back (and sometimes if you didn't) the roaches in the lab would quickly devour the patient bone marrow off the slides?

How it ended: In any case, I like these doctors and it's a nice office, pubic hairs on magazines notwithstanding. So I casually, but powerfully, blew the hair off the cover. Then I placed the magazine with its friends in the rack on the windowsill and read a few pages of my bro's very entertaining (not to mention hairless) book before the doc came in.