Tuesday, July 11, 2006


You can read my "final" thoughts on the World Cup right here on TNR's Goal Post blog.

Germans waving goodbye to the World Cup...

PS In other news the German government has informed me this week that they found my grandfather's assets. Of course, these "registered assets" may be all of two rusty tin spoons, but the point is it was very nice of them to look in all the cupboards after, oh, 70 years. And my father, were he still alive, would have been made glad.

S S MOUZINHO PHOTO  [immigrantships[1].net-v6-picturesv6-mouzinho
This is the ship for orphans that my father and his older sister came to America on. They were on one of three voyages from France that rescued 311 children.

Here are some amazing photos I found of Jewish refugee children waiting to board the Mouzinho. One of the photos shows a child that looks just like my father, but as I can only see his eyes and his height, maybe I am imagining it.