Thursday, July 13, 2006

Introducing: The Veri's

I am proud to announce a brand new awards ceremony that will take place in February 2007: The Veri's. The 1st Annual Veri's will honor the best in the art and science of word verification on the Web. They will be hosted by me, and many well-known performers will be on hand to present the awards.

Although most of the awards will be determined by a panel of judges, you can vote in The People's Choice Veri's. For example, vote now for your favorite verification word in the category: SEXINESS. Here are the nominees...

"gkshx" in red cladding is a very classic hot and sexy verification word.

"grrvb" broke the "g" verification word mold with ground-breaking blue.

"dmmizst" is a coy verification word. The "mm" says there's something tasty in this word, while it also seduces Web surfers with a hint of "z" and the "st" leaves one with the promise of something more.

Rules: All verification words are eligible. To be considered for The Veri's, submit your best verification word in gif or jpg format, a written brief of no less than 400 words outlining your word (must include demonstrated results) and a non-refundable $250 deposit.

Note: The Veri's are a wholly-owned trademark of Snooge & Co. All rights reserved. And yes, the Veri's are silly. But we just think we're a tad more interesting and worthy than that scam Web Awards ceremony known as The Webbys.

UPDATE: Will MySpace sweep The Veri's with their trippy Peter Max-esque verification words? See two of their entries below!

Whoa, MySpace, your verification words are blowing MyMind!!