Wednesday, January 14, 2004


Wow, yesterday's entry was so much more exciting than today's.

Don't believe me?

Yesterday I told you about a comedy show I'm doing tonight and where to find the hot new preview clip of the movie I'm going to be seen in.

Today I tell you I'm about to walk the dog before a business conference call.

Today I tell you I've had an orange, lots of instant coffee & cucumbers vinaigrette. The dressing bottle had to be run under hot water because my home made olive oil/garlic concoction had congealed. The cucumbers were old and their flesh was either too hard & white or too clear & squishy.

As I type half the cucumbers remain dressed and sitting in the bowl. The upside is my urge for Japanese take-out has passed. Actually, my urge to eat ever again has passed.

Yesterday all my troubles semed so far away.

Read yesterday's entry again & remember the good ol' days...

Or just remember where ol' cukey breath will be performing tonight.