Thursday, January 22, 2004

Mix it Up

Lazy/busy blogger technique: the link.

Dean going nuts in musical form may already be old hat, but here's a site that has them all.

Some are funnier than others, probably because the amount of copycatting has diluted the funny. Still, some of the remixes reminded me how much I liked the original tunes. Oz-zy! Oz-zy! Oz-zy!

Actually my favorite part of the Iowa jazz was watching a home-based caucus do their thang on C-Span without any commentary. I was cooking a beautiful pasta of excitement for dinner and hanging out with Ed and my friend Eris. The highlights of peeking into this Iowa caucus (held in Elmira, I think?) were honestly thrilling:

The bottles of blush wine and the brownies.

Hearing a woman say, "Mr. Wilson you've been a very good boy" and then having the camera pan all the way down to a ratty-looking, clueless poodle sporting rust colored eye crust.

Hearing another woman say, "I haven't been able to open my door since I hit that deer."

Watching a head of the meeting crack everyone up when she said, "OK we need an alternate for this committee, in case Joe* gets his foot caught in the lawnmower again."

*I don't actually remember what the accident prone guy's name was, but I am 100 percent sure of that scruffy poodle's name.