Thursday, March 20, 2003

I've Been Remiss

This is not about my lack of posting lately, toots.

I never promised you an update garden.

No, I've been remiss for not recommending to my loyal no readers, the site of a brilliant, nice, almost annoyingly well-rounded comedian.

Laurie Kilmartin shares her poolspertise, her historic headshots and her weekly trials and successes. And unlike you and me, pussy blog people, she's been doing it since most people thought broadband was an engagement ring for fat chicks.

Note to self: make appointment to get analogies brought in for servicing.

Laurie is a working comedian and has it together. Speaking of rare, she's currently writing for TV and how the screw rare is a woman comedy writer? Quite rare. Every comedy show I know of in NY has a none to one rule. OK, of course it's not a rule. There are lots of reasons for the lack of women. The reasons won't be gone into here and before you peg me as a bitter psycho feminist (I am only one or two of those things) the reasons don't necessarily reflect badly on the shows. It just is.

Back to Laurie.

She's done lots of TV, but she's not household-name famous. Still, more than most anyone, she's someone I look up to. She's got the talent, but she also consistently works dang hard. She gots the looks, but she also works out darn hard. I hope someday she sneezes on me so I can catch some more of that action.

Check her out.