Wednesday, March 05, 2003

The Fault, Dear Brutus, Is HERS

As you didn't know, I got another astrology gig. This one is for a fabulous glossy called Women Who Rock Magazine.

My first column is coming to a newsstand near you, March 11th.

They asked for "edgy", they got "edgy."

But here's the cool part... when they got it, they didn't puss out and ask me to tone it down.


Pick up a copy at Barnes & Noble, Borders, Tower, Target, Virgin, WalMart, etc.. Etc. includes where I found it, at that coffee chicken wrap dessert place with the amorous foreign cashier on 8th ave. between 57th and 58th.

You'll find the magazine has quality content, you'll support the Felber, and most importantly you'll find out if Saturn's orbit has totally screwed you.